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Am I required to purchase boat insurance in Florida?

Boat owners aren’t legally required to carry insurance in the state of Florida. However, boat insurance still has many benefits and may still be required in some situations. Our Florida team at Americas Insurance Associates is committed to helping boat owners understand the benefits of boat insurance and get the coverage they need most. 

Boat Insurance is Not Required in Florida, But You May Still Need It

If you’re financing your boat, it’s likely that your lender will require you to carry insurance, at least until you’ve paid off your boat. Lenders require insurance if something happens to the boat. Insurance would compensate the lender for the boat repairs or replacement if something happened to the boat before it was paid off. If the boat is collateral for the loan you took out, the lender usually requires insurance to cover physical damage to the boat. 

Even if you don’t have a boat loan, you may want to invest in boat insurance as a way to cover any physical damage your boat may sustain or any damage you may cause to other peoples’ property, or any injury to others while operating your boat. Insurance would cover the repair of your boat and any other financial obligation you might be required to cover for damage to other people’s property or injuries to others.

Many people would be unprepared to pay out of pocket for the repair of their boats, other peoples’ boats, or property, as well as injury to others.

Get Boat Insurance Today

If you have questions about different kinds of boat coverage, call us at Americas Insurance Associates in Florida. We can help you explore your options and find the best coverage for your boat. 


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