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What Does Insurance Cover if Your Car is Stolen in Florida?

If your car has been stolen, it’s natural to be worried about the safety of yourself, your family, and the belongings that may have been left inside. But what does insurance cover if your car is stolen in Florida? Americas Insurance Associates explains how auto insurance works and what you can expect when it comes to the coverage of items that were in the car during a theft. 

Does Insurance Replace My Belongings That Were Inside When It Was Stolen? 

If you have comprehensive coverage, then most likely yes. Comprehensive coverage helps pay for damage caused by things other than a collision, such as fire, theft, or vandalism. This includes any items like jewelry, designer clothing, and electronics inside your vehicle when it was stolen. 

What About My Valuables? 

If you had valuables inside the car when it was stolen, such as jewelry or electronics, then this too will depend on what kind of policy you have purchased. Some policies provide an additional endorsement allowing for coverage of these higher-priced items up to a certain amount. Be sure to ask about this option when buying auto insurance so that you are fully covered in case of theft or damage from other causes. 

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When considering an auto insurance policy in Florida, make sure it covers all aspects of protection for yourself and any belongings that may be inside your vehicle during a theft or other incident covered by comprehensive coverage. Contact our team of experts at Americas Insurance Associates and we can help you get the insurance protection you need for your valuables – wherever they may be.

The Benefits of Full Coverage Auto Insurance in Florida

If you own a car in Florida, then you’re required by law to have auto insurance. However, just because it’s necessary doesn’t mean you should only get the minimum coverage. There are several benefits to getting full auto insurance, including protection for your vehicle and peace of mind.

What is full coverage auto insurance?

Full coverage auto insurance is a type of insurance that covers both liability and collision. Liability coverage protects you if you’re responsible for an accident that injures someone or damages their property. Collision coverage protects your vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Americas Insurance Associates can help you find the best full coverage auto insurance policy for your needs.

Benefits of full coverage auto insurance

There are several benefits to getting full coverage auto insurance, even if it’s not required by law.

One of the most significant benefits is a policy that protects you financially if you’re ever in an accident. If you only have liability insurance and are involved in an accident, you’re responsible for paying for the repairs to your vehicle out of pocket. Your insurance company may cover some or all of the repairs with full coverage.

Also, if you have a vehicle loan, your lender may require you to have full coverage insurance. This obligation is because they want to make sure they protect their investment in the event of an accident.

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For help with finding the best full coverage auto insurance policy for your needs, contact Americas Insurance Associates in Florida. We’ll work with you to find a policy that meets your needs and budget.


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