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How to Insure an ATV

Securing ATV Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) contributes significantly to local entertainment and outdoor activities in Florida. Still, it’s paramount not to ignore the importance of insuring your ATV. Given their value and potential for causing substantial damage, following the right steps to insure your ATV is crucial. This blog offers a step-by-step procedure to achieve efficient ATV coverage and essential information should you ever have to file a claim.

Getting Started with ATV Insurance

Typically, ATVs are not covered under other insurance types you might possess, such as home or auto policies. In certain situations, you could append ATV coverage to an existing insurance policy, like motorcycle insurance. Alternatively, consider procuring a separate recreational insurance policy to insure your ATV specifically.

The first course of action is to connect with an agency in Florida and request quotes. Choosing an independent agency, like Americas Insurance Associates, will exempt you from the tedious task of contacting each carrier individually. Be prepared to provide specifics about the ATV model, including name/number and engine capacity (in CCs). Additionally, determine whether you need the insurance to cover any other drivers and furnish details regarding any alterations or modifications made to the vehicle.

Preserving Essential Information

In case you need to file a claim in the future, having detailed information about your ATV could prove beneficial. Photograph the vehicle and note down its VIN or serial number. Preempting potential theft scenarios, it’s prudent to collate this data early.

Americas Insurance Associates extends reliable recreational insurance policies to ATV aficionados across Florida. Thanks to our experienced agents and diverse coverage options via a range of local and national insurers, you’re always in safe hands with us. Call 941-493-1583 to find out more about our offerings or to request a free quote.

Four things you shouldn’t assume about recreational insurance

You can protect yourself financially as a recreational vehicle owner by purchasing an insurance policy from Americas Insurance Associates. We offer recreational insurance to Florida consumers.

Consumers may encounter misinformation about recreational insurance that can cause them to make poor insurance decisions.

The following are four things you shouldn’t assume when it comes to recreational insurance:

Recreational insurance isn’t necessary if you use your recreational vehicle very infrequently.

It’s always best to carry recreational insurance even if you don’t use your recreational vehicle often or don’t take it out on public roads. You can still experience liability expenses or damage to your recreational vehicle even if you don’t use it very often. 

It doesn’t matter which recreational insurance policy you buy. 

Recreational insurance policies are customized for the needs and preferences of the policyholder. That’s why you need to carefully evaluate coverage options and research insurance providers to find the best recreational insurance policy for your situation. 

Homeowners with home insurance don’t need recreational insurance.

Consumers often think that they all need recreational insurance if they don’t have home insurance. The truth is that you cannot rely on your home insurance to cover your recreational vehicle when you’re using it anywhere outside of your property. 

You can get your recreational vehicle covered by your auto insurance policy.

Auto insurance and recreational insurance are not the same thing. This means that you need to buy a recreational insurance policy even if you already have auto insurance. 

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Get a quote on a Florida recreational insurance policy today. Call us at Americas Insurance Associates, and we’ll provide you with the information you need to insure your recreational vehicle. 

What is recreational insurance?

When you purchase a toy like a Sea-Doo or jet ski for your Florida home, you also need to purchase recreational insurance from Americas Insurance Associates to cover it. A recreational policy covers vehicles not afforded coverage by your auto or home insurance for liability, property damage, and coverage of your own property.

Purchasing Recreational Coverage

You can add recreational insurance to either your homeowners’ policy or your auto insurance policy to cover many types of vehicles, including:

  • ATVs,
  • Campers,
  • Dirt bikes,
  • Dune buggies,
  • Golf carts,
  • Mopeds,
  • Motor homes,
  • Scooters,
  • Snowmobiles,
  • Trailers.

Which primary policy you choose to add this secondary policy to depends on how you will use the recreational vehicle. If you only plan to use the vehicle on your property, add it to your home policy. If you want to use it in public areas, add it to your home policy.

Like building a policy to cover your car or truck, you can build a custom policy by adding to it the coverage types that you need, including:

  • Collision coverage
  • Coverage for trailers used for transporting
  • Equipment coverage
  • Increased liability limits
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Safety apparel coverage.

You decide which items you add to your recreational insurance.

When Recreational Insurance Is Required

When you finance a recreational vehicle, such as an RV or boat, your lender might require recreation insurance for the life of your loan. To protect your finances, continue the coverage after you pay the loan, too.

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Contact Americas Insurance Associates today for recreational insurance for your toys in Florida. We serve the state’s residents with the insurance they need to protect their financial security.


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